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We can be very manipulative!  Digitally, that is!        Rick created this, and the original image that this is derived from, for Terra Diamond Incorporated of Salt Lake City, Utah, as an ad for that company's products; as a double page spread in a trade magazine. The ad, of course, had a logo, typesetting and a product overlay, that have been removed here. This is the second in a series of similar ads for Terra Diamond, and we've photographed many of their products, too.  For the first ad, Rick was given the movie TERMINATOR 2 to view and told the movie had the feel the client wanted in their ads. That movie was the inspiration for the series. Other images for Terra Diamond may be seen in our Products and Digital Categories.      Rick McClain Photography - Utah digital photographers specializing in innovative product photography, architectural photography, and industrial photography using traditional photographic methods, TOTALLY DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY, and digital manipulation. We are a full service 2,000 square foot studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, using 8" X 10", 4" X 5", 6 X 7 cm, 4.5 X 6 cm, and 35 mm formats to capture our images.

    OUR NEW DIGITAL CAMERA is a high resolution Single Lens Reflex, that captures an image large enough to be reproduced at 150 lines per inch up to and including standard magazine covers and virtually limitless continuous tone prints. (We've printed up to 60 inches wide and they still look sharp as a tack. Absolutely incredible.)   We use a wide range of interchangeable lenses, from very wide angle to telephoto on this camera; not limiting the creativity of our images. Nor are we tied to the studio with this camera. It can be used tethered to a computer in the studio or untethered, capturing 18mb files even in the field. Since it captures its files in one single exposure at any shutterspeed we wish to use, it is perfect for capturing portraits or moving objects, even sports, as well as still lifes in the studio or on location with our full range of lighting equipment.

    We welcome you to our site and hope you will enjoy our images. We've kept our pages simple to make them download quickly for you and would certainly like to hear from you about our site, good or bad. Each page has an E-Mail link directly to us.

     Our images are used by a truly wide gamut of businesses including Advertising Agencies, Graphic Designers, Art Directors, Architects, Contractors, Manufacturers large and small, Interior Designers, etc.     Images we create grace the covers and pages of brochures, catalogs, annual reports, newspapers, magazines (editorially and advertising), billboards, coffee table picture books, and calendars.    They are also used for the backgrounds of several television news sets, on buses, as hang tags, trade show displays, .....and again the list goes on and on.

    In the last couple of years, we have, of course, satisfied many requests for images for the World Wide Web. We can photograph your products and deliver images to you on disk or send them directly to you via the InterNet itself.

      Rick has been creating photographs for a living for over twenty seven years now and still enjoys the challenge that each new assignment brings; although sometimes the hardest part of the job is convincing the client that taking a simple "snapshot" isn't going to sell the product. Dramatic photographs produce dramatic results.

      Our experience in traditional photography and our creative digital artistry work for you to produce images that are sure to show off your products, services, and ideas to their utmost. Our images are designed to grab your clients' attention and hold it.

      We work with a sensitivity for clients' needs and direction, are easy to work with, have reasonable rates, and create wonderfully eye catching images, too!

      Let our careful lighting, attention to detail, photographic creativity, and digital prowess work for you to show off your products, ideas, and services for your firm.

Please call to discuss your next photographic project. Our phone number and E-mail address are at the bottom of every page. Thanks.

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