These Ascor QC1000 Studio Flash Power Packs are really great units. They are highly under-rated in quality and power output. Each of these, though originally advertised as 800WS units, puts out virtually the same amount of light as a Norman 2000. A fellow commercial photographer got tired of my bragging about them and called my bluff, so we tested his Norman 2000 and my Ascor QC 1000, each with a bare bulb to void any argument about the reflectors, and they put out the same amount of light, according to both our flash meters.

Each unit has four outlets for heads and two channels for controlling light ratios, symetrically or asymetrically, and each channel has an infinitely variable power modeling light (250 Watts/Head) circuit. Since I have so many power packs, each individual unit has had relatively light usage.

These units have varying outlets for a PC cord. Some have standard two blade outlets, some have quarter inch phono plug outlets, some have both of those, some have Ascor"s proprietary outlet, (which if that is all it has, I will supply a cord), and others have quarter inch phono plug and Ascor"s outlet.

Another great feature of these Ascors is that they have switch to speed up the recharging time to one second at full power and they are built to fire once per second for extended periods. Great for shooting people. It"s ready when you are. I love these units. A lot of bang for the buck, and they are really built to last.

I have taken really good care of these units and since I have so many power packs, each individual unit has had relatively light usage and they are made extremely well.



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