These AscorLight 600 Flash Heads are for use with older Ascor power packs. They have no built-in umbrella mount, use standard household lamps as modeling lamps and do not have a forced air cooling fan like their beefier brothers. They also have a lighter weight cable with a different (8 pin Military, like the Normans), but they still work well. Since these units have the same connector as the Norman flash units, they may be capable of being used with them, but I have not checked the wiring out. They have the same accessory mount system as the QC8 lamphead, so the reflectors are interchangeable with the QC heads. I have some tube covers, 5 inch reflectors, 10 reflectors and barndoors, 16 inch reflectors, barndoors, and umbrella mounting brackets as seen on the list. I also have a couple of cable converters that allow the use of these heads with the QC and CD power packs. If lightness of weight or price are important to you, these units are for you. I have so many heads that no one unit got too much use and I've taken very good care of them. They are in great shape.



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