This unit was used briefly during my career as a commercial photographer by installing a flash head in it for still photography, but has been restored to its original condition. The original lamp has only briefly been turned on, if at all, thus, the unit is in like new condition.

I am only asking $150 for it

Altman Model 4.5Q 4.5" Baby Zoom Ellipsoidal Model #FE451 The 4.5 Series Baby Zoom Ellipsoidal is a unique luminaire with professional qualities unequaled in other 4.5" spotlights. The smooth operating, variable focus lens system produces wide-to-narrow beams that are uniform and sharp edged with minimal halation. The fixtures are provided with an adjustable lamp holder allowing peak center performance or a flat field when pattern projection is desired. Four adjustable, cool touch, integral stainless steel shutters provide beam shaping ability. The pattern slot and holder provide the ability to project visual images, as well as reduce beam diameter zoom ranges with optional circle templates.

Features & Specifications Includes color frame, socket, 36" teflon wire leads. Socket: Altman G9.5 medium two-pin (MT), axially mounted, toolless relamping. Axially mounted mini can (MC) socket optional (specify on order form in "comments" section). Alzak aluminum, ellipsoidal design. Zoom lens movements contained withing body, adjustable with heat resistant knob. Rear mounted aiming handle provided. Tempered crown glass lenses in a nylon bearing zoom focus assembly. 270 tilt strap iron yoke with positive locking dogs. Weight: 15 lb. Color: Dark Brown.



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