This Kodak Portrait Lens is a 305mm (12 inch) lens with a maximum aperture of F/4.8 (Very fast for focusing in low light) through F/22. It is mounted in a Kodak No. 5 Universal (Self Cocking) Synchro Shutter with shutter speeds of 1 second through 1/50 of a second, that seem to be within normal tolerances; plus "B" (Bulb) and "T" (Time Exposure). Shutter synchronization can be set to "M" (Medium Speed Flash Bulbs), "X" (Electronic Flash) or "Off".
It has an image circle that covers a full 8" X 10" negative.

It is designed to give beautiful soft focus effect portraits when used wide open to about f/8. Control the effect with the aperture. The wider open, the softer the image. When stopped down further (beyond about f/13) it is capable of giving very sharp images for commercial work and landscapes, too. (Closes down to f/22) I've used it both ways with very good results.

It comes with the shutter and front and rear lens covers.

By the way, if it looks like it has no glass in it, that is because all the glass is behind the shutter. That is the way it is designed.

This is a great lens in great shape and all features on the shutter are working.



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