These cameras were used extensively by Brett and Cole Weston, Christopher Burkett, and Yousuf Karsh.
This late model, Calumet C-1, 8 X 10 Field Camera has taken more pictures of Norbest turkeys than you can shake a drumstick at. In spite of that, it is in really great shape. It looks almost new and has absolutely nothing wrong with it. All knobs turn easily and in runs smoothly on the rails.
It comes with one lens board and focusing cloth support. (Shown with Kodak Portrait Lens which has been sold and is not included.)

This field camera folds up as small as 14 inches wide by 18 inches high by 8 inches thick; pretty small for a camera that also can extend to over 34 inches for extreme close-up work, too. The lens standard has rise and fall, swings and tilts, and shift. The film plane will swing, tilt, and shift. Lens boards are interchangeable with Deardorff 8X10's.

I have several accessories for it, listed separately.


Front Rise & Fall - "geared" 5 inch total

Front Swing - on axis - unlimited

Front Tilt - on axis - unlimited

Front Shift 4-inch total

Rear Swing - on axis - 30

Rear Tilt - on axis - 30

Rear Shift 4" total.

Bellows Draw - 34" to perhaps 4" - Very long for long lenses or Macro photos, especially with a short lens.
See my image of an LED on a dime.

Folded up, the camera is around 18" X 14" X 10"

Weight: 18 lbs.



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