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The number of items, prices, and quantities on this list may change daily as I sell off my equipment, guns, and accessories.
I am not in business to buy and sell guns. I am only selling off the guns and equipment that I have, so NO, I don't want to buy YOUR guns.
Handguns may only be sold to UTAH residents. Proof of residency will be required.
By law, all shipments of guns must be through a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer on the receiving end.
Everything sold on a first come, first served and AS IS basis.
I try to keep this list current, but call to verify current quantities and pricing or to set an appointment for in-person viewing.
The only acceptable payments I accept other than Wire Transfers to my bank account are U.S.Postal Money Orders in advance to shipment.
Cash Payments in person will make all transactions much simpler for both of us.

Item Model Description Quantity Price
12 Ga.
Double Bar rel Shotgun

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Model 1894 Rare - Hammerless, Boxlock, Break-Action, Damascus Side by Side 30" Barrels - Grade A - Modified Choke, Right Barrel - Full Choke, Left Barrel - Automatic, Selective, Fired-Case Ejectors, Safety, and all other features are working. PROOF MARKS are stamped on the bottom of each barrel - A and Y. - Some repair soldering hidden under the forestock. All serial numbers match and all parts are original. Butt plate to front trigger = 13.25". No play/movement in the barrel/receiver hinge. Excellent bores with very minor pitting in barrels. Small, almost un-noticable split in wood at rear of forestock. 3/4" light scratch in steel on left side of action. This is a well used, but well taken care of hunting shotgun that has the beautiful "Thumbprint" and "Twist" of the Damascus Steel showing all over both barrels. Damascus steel barrels were created by taking several bands of steel and heating them until almost melting, then twisting around each other and wrapping them around a rod. As this was done, the strands were hammered until they bonded, forming the barrel; and the twisting is what creates the beautiful "Thumbprint" of the steel. This gun shows that patterning magnificently!
The 1894 was the first model to be called a "Hammerless" because prior to this model, the cocking hammers were external and you had to cock them before firing. The 1894 cocks as the break-action is closed and has no exposed hammers. A beautiful, sleek, shootable gun that any hunter or collector would want.
1 Price lowered $500 in order to sell quickly


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Tasco Pro Class Pistol Scope P1X22PA 1X Power - 22mm Objective Lens - Chrome - This is an excellent Pistol Scope in near perfect condition. 1 $45 SORRY!!! SOLD!
Gun Cabinet
Hand Crafted Pinewood Gun Cabinet with glass front. Holds seven rifles or shotguns. Measures 25" Wide X 65" High X 10 3/4" Deep and has a storage compartment at its base that is 9" High. Locks with small padlock. 1 $50
Lubriplate Rifle Grease
Rifle butt accessory. 10 $1 Each
Leather Shooting Glove Protector Medium Size - Nylon Sewn - Moderate Padding 1 $7
Leather Shooting Glove Al Freeland Medium Size - Heavy Padding - Well Used 1 $3
Shooter's Sling Cuff Al Freeland Wide leather cuff to go around arm on rifle sling, reducing pinch and pressure on your arm. 2 $8
Shooter's Kit Stool Houtz & Barwick In good condition. Green 1 $15
Ammo Cans - Military - Large Large Approximate Dimensions - L 11" x W 5.75" x H 7" - Good Condition 2 $12 Each
Ammo Cans - Military - Small Small Approximate Dimensions - L 10" x W 3.5" x H 7" - Good Condition 2 $8 Each
'03-A3 Stripper Clips - Brass
Brass 5 Round Stripper (Charger) Clips 31 $1.50 Ea.
'03-A3 Stripper Clips - Parkerized
Steel 5 Round Stripper (Charger) Clips 78 $1 Each
M1 Garand 8 Round Clips
8 Round Clips for M1 Garand 33 $1.00 Each
.223 Remington Brass Cartridges
Brass Rifle Cartridges - Once fired 55 $.15 each
25 - 35 Brass Cartridges
Brass Rifle Cartridges - Once fired 18 $.15 each
30 - '06 Brass Cartridges
LC '63 Brass Cartridges - Once fired 310 $.15 each
30 - '06 Brass Cartridges
RA '57 Brass Cartridges - Once fired 108 $.15 each
30 - '06 Brass Cartridges
LC '56 Brass Cartridges - Once fired 129 $.15 each
30 - '06 Brass Cartridges
LC '54 Brass Cartridges - Once fired 1460 $.15 each
30 - '06 Brass Cartridges
LC '53 Brass Cartridges - Once fired 19 $.15 each
30 - '06 Brass Cartridges
TW '53 Brass Cartridges - Once fired 120 $.15 each
30 - '06 Brass Cartridges
LC '50 Brass Cartridges - Once fired 20 $.15 each
30 - '06 Brass Cartridges
R-P Springfield Brass Cartridges - Once fired 84 $.15 each
30 - '06 Brass Cartridges
Mixed Brass Cartridges - Once fired 77 $.15 each
M1 Garand Rifle Stock
Government issue rifle stock with butt plate 1 $50
M1 Garand Rifle Stock
Government issue rifle stock without butt plate 1 $45
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